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Eleni Dekidis


Eleni Dekidis is a Bulgarian producer of Greek origin. She graduated the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts with Master degree in Film and TV Production. She has been working for 8 years in all kind of audiovisual projects. Among all of them, cinema remains her passion.

Eleni has been involved in the production process of several Bulgarian feature films (Once Upon a War, Raya’s Dante, Yellow Oleander). Now she is working on 9 projects supported by the National Film Center and a couple of feature films in development.

Eleni was part of Midpoint Feature Launch 2020 and participated at Producers network- Marche du Film, Festival de Cannes.

The main focus of her company Dekidis Films is to produce rising Bulgarian directors.

Yuliyana Chalakova


Yuliyana Chalakova is involved in the movie industry over the past 12 years. She is a producer and production manager in Bulgarian and international projects including feature and short films, documentaries and TV commercials.

She obtained her Master degree in film and TV Production form the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts.

Being part of the Dekidis Films company, she will be responsible both as a producer and production manager in our upcoming projects.


Producer / Production Manager