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  • Supported by the National Film Center in Bulgaria

Planned production year: 2024

Short synopsis: Dedicated to the mission of resolving conflicts between bears and
people in remote parts of the country, Dr. Vladimir Todorov,
Alexander Dutsov and Nikola Donkin fall into the point of
collision between institutions, environmentalists, poachers,
hunters and villagers struggling for their own survival and
following a twisted vision of justice and morality. Trying their
best to protect the people from the wild bears as well as the wild
bears from the people, our three heroes are discovering worrying
tendencies while observing the environmental changes over the past
few years. Unseen drought that left the wilderness burnt and
foodless is driving the wild bears closer to inhabited areas,
where they search for anything they can eat either from the trash
or the gardens of the villagers.
Constant signals for wild bears roaming the streets of small
cities and villages are bringing the three men on the edge of
their capabilities.
What happens when the government and the institutions have
abdicated from their responsibilities and the only hope for help
both for wild bears and humans are three goodhearted, selfless and
dedicated men.

the season of the bears

Director: Kamen Kolarov

Project length: 60 min., Bulgarian

Genre: Documentary

Breaking App

  • Pitched at 16th In the Palace International short film festival; Bulgaria

Planned production year: 2021

Short synopsis:

A young coder KALIN (29) is happy in love with his boss INA (30), an independent strong woman. Few weeks later she is bored and his contract is over, so she has the perfect excuse to dump him over email – and she fires him, too. KALIN goes on a dating spree using “love apps”, but the more he dates, the more this thing is getting on his nerves. He sits down and codes an application for online break-ups, he uses it to block all the nagging women and puts it on the AppStore.

Turns out the app is a huge hit and he is an overnight millionaire. Shortly it changes the rules of relationships: everybody is breaking someone up with the app. The flashier women he dates, the more he thinks about INA. They meet on a big event starring Kalin, and eventually get back together, all designed by his plan. Now that he has it all, he has to decide is this really what he wanted all along…

Breaking App

Director and Screenwriter: Todor Velev

Project length: 15 min., Bulgarian

Genre: Comedy

Produced by: Eleni Dekidis- Dekidis Films